Why Use Wallcoverings?

Why Use Wallcoverings

Digital printing has transformed the use of wallcoverings in homes, stores and offices. No longer do walls cringe with embarrassment from wearing dowdy, unimaginative, mass-produced wallpaper. Today’s wallcoverings are rich with bold, bright colors of a 1000 different hues.

Because digital printing is low-cost even with small runs, it’s easy to produce customized designs that enthrall. One-off works of art can be incorporated into wall coverings. Photographs can be used to create one or more fantastic murals.

Add your personality to your home or office by illustrating your passions.

Give your walls an electrifying makeover by adding depth and warmth with a range of stunning textures.

Large format printing combined with high-definition graphics means that anything can be pasted onto a wall. You can use wall coverings for whole rooms, a single wall or just a border. There are no more rules.

Businesses have been quick to take advantage of the marketing potential of vinyl wallcoverings. Available is a huge canvas that can be exploited both indoors and outdoors.

Products and services can be marketed in photorealistic colors and high resolution. These ads virtually jump out at visitors and passersby.

Vinyl wallcoverings are easy to apply. They are also abrasion-resistant and wipe-clean. Very durable, they need very little maintenance. The current latex inks offer a water-based, eco-friendly medium for digital printing, cutting down on harmful VOCs. Most wallcoverings meet low VOC standards.

Commercial purpose wallcoverings create an unforgettable visual experience. They reinforce your brand to everyone who sees them, and signal you as the top choice for the kind of products or services you offer. These beautiful vinyl wallcoverings don’t only form a great first impression they form a lasting one too.

You can also choose the kind of adhesive with which to mount your wallcoverings. If you’re a business that likes to change its look often, you’ll most likely want to plump for a semi-permanent adhesive. This means the wallcovering is easier to remove, saving on labor costs.

If you’re sure you’ve got the perfect wallcovering and it doesn’t require updating, you might choose a permanent adhesive. And you can be sure that permanent means permanent.

With so many reasons to use wall coverings, it’s worth thinking now about the design that would have the greatest impact on you, your business, your employees, and your customers.

Remember that not only does a wallcovering protect your wall and hide surface defects paint cannot, but they can also last ten years or more – far longer than paint. Even if a paint coating is cheaper initially, over time you will save money with wallcoverings.