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Wide Format Electric TrimmerDaVinci Technologies offers wide format electric trimmers in a variety of sizes. These wide format electric trimmers are available in 59″, 78″ and 98″. These wide format electric trimmers are designed to easily and professionally finish your wide format graphics. Save yourself time and effort with this reliable wide format electric trimmer that provides smooth, clean cuts on a variety of substrates including, signs, posters and other laminated materials. Read More

These wide format electric trimmers feature a foot pedal for a hands-free operation and a wastecatcher to collect scrap trimmings. The wastecatcher allows you to reduce mess and speed up your clean up times. These wide format electric trimmers also feature a bidirectional self-sharpening rotary blade which, easily cuts material in both directions. The blade on this wide format electric trimmer is fast cutting which helps to reduce the trimming time compared to using a manual trimmer.

If you have any questions about our wide format electric trimmers, please give us a call.