Roll Laminators

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roll laminatorWe offer a variety of high-quality wide format laminator products. Our line of roll laminators include Cold Roll Laminators, Dual Hot Roll Laminators, Heat Assist Laminators and Laminator Accessories. Our cold roll laminators are perfect for laminating and mounting pressure-sensitive graphics. Our dual hot roll laminators are capable of both thermal and pressure lamination. They are capable of encapsulation and mounting as well. Our heat assist laminators have the ability to shorten laminate cure times and provide a smooth, clear finish. Built for safety and ease of use, any of our roll laminators would be the perfect choice for your wide format laminating needs.

In addition to roll laminators, we also offer optional roll laminator accessories. These accessories include, front feed assembly and rear wind assembly. Both of which easily attach to the front of the roll laminator and support a large roll of printed material straight from your inkjet printer.