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ClingZ is a leading manufacturer of electrically charged polypropylene clear film for UV curable, offset, HP Indigo, and Flexographic presses. ClingZ products are designed to cling to almost all indoor surfaces including glass, drywall, wood, brick, marble and metal. Since 1998, ClingZ has offered their patented electrically charged polypropylene film to a variety of printing markets, including the wide format printing industry.

DaVinci Technologies offers several ClingZ products including ClingZ Wide Format UV and Ztac. ClingZ and Ztac are designed for wide format printing applications and offer unique graphics and display possibilities. Both products are used for a wide variety of marketing, advertising and retail applications.

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Cling Window Film

ClingZ Wide Format UV


Adhesive Backed - Window Film

Ztac™ UV Low Tack Adhesive Graphic Film