Air Egress (dry install) - Window Film

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DaVinci Technologies offers a variety of Air Egress (dry install) Window Films, including B-Free Window Films by MACtac. These films are coated on one side with a micro-structured, repositionable, permanent, clear acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive. Our line of B-Free Window Films features a micro-structured adhesive enables increased speed of dry installation on windows with no air bubbles or wrinkling. Working with B-Free Window Films eliminates messy clean up of wet-application fluids.
DaVinci Technologies offers several B-Free Window Films, including:
IMAGin B-Free Clear Window Film
IMAGin B-Free Frosted Window Film
IMAGin B-Free Dusted Window Film

Questions? Contact us to find out more about the air egress (dry install) window films we offer.


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