Perforated Window Film

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Browse our large selection of Perforated Window Film for wide format printing applications. Our Perforated Window Films are ideal for short term – long term promotions, retail signage, window displays, vehicle windows, decals, and more.

We offer perforated window film in a variety of perforation percentages so you can select the perfect level of visibility and print quality. Choose from 20% 30%, 35%, 40% or 50% open area (80%, 70%, 65%, 60% or 50% printable area).

Perforated window films are available in adhesive backed as well as non-adhesive backed options. We have selected only the top products from trusted manufacturers to ensure your next Perforated Window Graphic project is completed with the highest quality media.

Order online, or contact us and let DaVinci Technologies help you select the best perforated window film.


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