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Eco-Friendly Blockout/2-sided Paper

DaVinci Technologies carries Blox-Lite by ConVerd/FiberMark. Blox-Lite is a line of environmentally friendly Blockout/2-sided paper. Blox-Lite is manufactured to be 100% renewable, reusable and sustainable. These eco-friendly products are ideal for a wide variety of wide and grand format applications including, banners, window signage, P.O.P./indoor retail settings.
This eco-friendly product line includes, Blox-Lite, Blox-Lite Chrome and Blox-Lite Flame Retardent. Blox-Lite is a 100% opaque banner material which has a brightness rating o f 97. Blox-Lite’s smooth surface is perfect for those who desire superior results. Blox-Lite Chrome is a 10pt direct aluminum metalized variation that was created to provide a stunning visual impact for traditional hanging signs and banners. Blox-Lite Flame Retardant is a new 14pt addition to the FSC®-Certified Blox-Lite product family with the added benefit of exceptional flame retardancy.
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