New Nonwoven Wallcovering Offered in Matte, Satin, 3D Fiber, and 3D Lines

DaVinci Technologies offers four new nonwoven wallcovering options.

ENFIELD, CT – DaVinci Nonwoven Wallcoverings are sure to make a splash in the printable wallcoverings for interior design market. They are made from highly engineered nonwoven fabric precisely intended for wall applications that require a soft deluxe look and feel.

High-end hotels, retail settings, restaurants, residential areas, lobbies, and more can all benefit from these “must-see in person” textiles. DaVinci’s nonwoven wallcover is an excellent substitute to PVC wall décor materials. It is PVC-free, breathable, dimensionally stable.

The material is offered in four unique textures, including:

  • 3D Fiber (NWC-3DFIBER) includes a slightly textured 3D fibers and a soft, luxurious, textile touch.
  • 3D Lines (NWC-3DLINES): Featuring 3D lines and a soft, luxurious, textile touch.
  • Matte (NWC-MATTE) offers an uncoated matte surface and a soft, luxurious, textile touch.
  • Satin (NWC-SATIN) has a smooth coated surface and a soft, luxurious, textile touch.

Application is as easy as hanging wall paper. Simply apply to the wall with a wallpaper paste of choice. Compatible with UV and latex ink. 3D Fiber and 3D Lines textures come in 44” x 100’ roll sizes, while Matte and Satin are available in 50″ x 100′ roll sizes.


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