Foam Wipes for Cleaning Print Heads

Foam Print-head Wipes

PRESS RELEASE: This week, DaVinci Technologies announced the availability of their Foam Print Head Wipes. These wipes are designed specifically for cleaning sensitive printer components such as print heads. Made from cleanroom compatible foam, DaVinci’s Foam Print Head Wipes are an especially effective tool for removing dust buildup and ink residues from print heads. Proper cleaning also preserves optimum printer performance and longevity.

The 6” x 9” foam wipes are comprised of low-linting reticulated (open-celled) polyurethane foam. They are cleanroom laundered and packaged to be cleanroom compatible. These unique properties provide a high degree of effectiveness during the process of wiping where liquids are absorbed and contamination is trapped within the open cells. DaVinci’s Foam Print Head Wipes come packaged with 100 wipes per bag and 4 bags per case.

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