Advantages of Using an Electric Trimmer

Advantages to using a wide format electric trimmer

Large format printing calls for large format trimmers. For any digital graphics, whether they are destined for floors, walls, or windows, certain tools are a must for achieving the highest quality and finish.


Graphics are fast replacing paint and wallpaper. They are a great way of adding beauty and wonderment to any room or environment.

Because so many graphics are large affairs, the proper tools will help achieve an excellent installation.

In the case of trimmers, we offer them in a variety of sizes, including 59”, 78”, and 98”. These large-format trimmers are perfect for helping you professionally finish any wide-format graphics job. A quality electric trimmer will provide smooth, clean cuts on a wide variety of substrates.

A quality large format trimmer will have:

Fast Trimming Speeds

The blade speed is up to 6.6 ft. per second, which greatly helps to reduce trimming time as compared to manual trimmers.

A Full-Length Activation Bar

This bar runs the length of the unit and makes for easy trimming. This is what helps to activate the cutting blade.

Foot Pedal Activation

For a completely hands-free operation, a foot pedal saves the day.


All scrap trimmings will be collected to reduce clean up times and mess.

Built-In Safety Covers

Your electric trimmer has this built right in, as well as a durable steel floor stand and self-sharpening hardened steel blades to provide you with the most reliable trimming ever.

These are all necessary for your signs, posters, and graphics laminated materials to be installed perfectly.

In a world where everything is constantly changing, you will want to pick up an electric trimmer. With an electric trimmer, you will be saving time and money. You’ll not only get the job done right but quickly, too.

Electric trimmers are amazingly easy to operate and because they are heavy-duty, they will last a long time, too. Best of all, they are available in a variety of widths.

Before you do another graphics job, be sure to have all of the right equipment to make your life easier and to ensure a great result.

For large graphics projects, there is nothing like the electric trimmer to make all of your cutting and trimming right on target.